Spider Vein Treatment

Laser Spider Vein Treatment in Atlanta

Spider Veins are small, damaged veins usually red, blue, or purple colored that can occur on the face or legs. They are not harmful or painful, but people might want to treat them for cosmetic reasons. They are also called thread veins, and they might occur in the form of branches, webs, or thin lines.

Laser treatments are now one of the most popular procedures for removing spider veins and, many other times of vascular lesions, including angiomas, port-wine stains, venous lakes, and telangiectasias. At ReGen Medical in Atlanta, we offer laser spider vein treatment using advanced laser technology. During the laser spider vein treatment, energy from the laser is targeted to these veins to cause them to clot and dry up.  This laser will also be used to target the underlying vascular feeding system, thereby ensuring that the spider veins do not re-emerge again in that position. The entire process is very safe and absolutely non-surgical. There are no needles or injectables involved, and your body’s immune system would go on to the natural process of clearing away the dead tissue and bruises.

However, for some more prominent veins or feeder veins, we often recommend sclerotherapy. In this case, an irritant is injected directly into the affected vein causing the vein to stick together and keep blood from coming into that area. Before long, the vein shrinks, fades, or vanishes. For both laser and sclerotherapy, the patient might require multiple sessions. The veins should gradually disappear after the treatment but might take as much as six weeks to fade completely.