Skin Wart & Skin Tag Removal

Fotona Laser Skin Tag Removal in Atlanta

Skin tags are tiny, soft pieces of tissues that hang off the skin and might look like warts even as they are harmless. They might be brown or flesh-colored and are often located around the neck, eyes, and armpits. Some people also develop them in the anal region, the nipples, or testicles. Skin tags come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can also happen to anyone at any age. However, they are more common in people with diabetes, pregnant women, and older adults.

In contrast, warts happen as a result of viral infection of the skin. These growths may spread from the feet and hands to the genitals, lips, and nails. Although skin tags are not contagious like warts, they are just as cosmetically bothersome and annoying.


Fortunately, ReGen Medical in Atlanta offers one the most efficient and cosmetically friendly treatments for skin warts and skin tags. Our team of dermatology specialists can successfully remove all skin tags and warts using Fotona Laser Skin Tag Removal Procedure, leaving little to no lasting marks on the skin. During this skin wart and tag removal treatment, we use the Fotona laser calibrated to the appropriate wavelength to accurately target the blood supply of warts without causing any damage to the surrounding areas. The laser dispels energy absorbed by the wart or tag material, causing it to heat, and as the blood supply seals up, the wart cannot survive. Unlike other treatment methods, the Fotona Laser Skin Tag Removal is painless and comfortable. Patients might require between one to four treatments to successfully get rid of that growth for good.