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With over 90% of women having cellulite, Avéli is a break through minimally-invasive cellulite reduction "one and done" treatment with no down time. The tethering of skin by the fibrous septa of cellulite leading to the orange peel and dimpling skin in buttocks and thighs can now be released with a minor procedure to restore smoother skin.  A specialized handpiece is inserted through small access points that are first numbed with local anesthetic.  The handpiece has a cutting blade that is engaged underneath the skin to release those fibrous bands that causes the dimpling.  Results are immediate and permanent in those areas where the fibrous bands are released.

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Want to be an Avéli Cellulite Treatment Model?

ReGen Medical is recruiting models for the Aveli Cellulite Treatment. In return for being a model, we are offering a discount on the Aveli treatment. If you are interested in being a model, please submit your information below and one of our patient coordinators will contact you. Please no calls regarding our model program. (Offer expires 8/30/2023)

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