Fotona HairLASE

Hair loss and thinning hair are common but troubling conditions. Like the skin, the scalp might begin to lose essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth. Thanks to our customized Fotona HairLASE treatment in Atlanta, you can stop hair loss in its tracks. Laser hair restoration using Fotona's medical aesthetic lasers sends controlled gentle bulk heating directly to the scalp to improve blood flow and stimulate dormant hair follicles towards natural regrowth of hair.

Our revolutionary Fotona Laser Hair Restoration is designed for all hair types and can deliver effective results. You will watch your hair start regrowing in a matter of weeks, not several months. In some circumstances, our hair specialists at ReGen Medical in Atlanta may recommend combining the Fotona HairLASE treatment with the PRP Hair Restoration therapy to achieve optimal results.

The Fotona HairLASE is a new laser treatment that is non-surgical and requires no needles or anesthesia. This technology is not only reputed for its effectiveness but high performance with minimal downtime.