Laser Intimate Lightening- Laser Vaginal Lightening in Atlanta

Darkened or discolored skin can occur for a variety of reasons but in the bikini area it is most commonly because of hormonal changes related to aging and friction from shaving, waxing, or underwear the rubs the skin.  At ReGen Medical, we use the highly sophisticated Fotona laser with it's proprietary "FRAC3" mode that pulses a 3 dimensional wave pattern that breaks up the pigment in the skin which the body clears over time.  This step is followed by a light peel that removes the superficial lasers of the skin where the pigment resides in the intimate area as well as underarms, neck, inner thighs, perianal area.

Over a quarter million women and even men per year perform Intimate Skin bleaching and this number is growing.

Generally, around 4 treatments are recommended every month for best results, but often the skin lightens even after the first treatment with continued lightening over several treatments.