What is Fotona4D® Laser Treatment?

Fotona4D® is a revolutionary laser facelift treatment ReGen offers in Atlanta. It utilizes the proprietary method of combining two laser wavelengths in order to treat all layers of your skin. In this manner, the Fotona4D® laser tightens the skin from the inside and gives it a more youthful appearance. Fotona4D® facelift does not require surgery and there is almost no downtime so you can start enjoying your long-lasting and natural-looking results instantaneously.

Fotona4D® tightens the skin and gives it a natural-looking volume without using any toxic substances or dermal fillers. Listed below are other benefits of this unique laser facelift treatment we offer in Atlanta:

Beautiful blonde young woman with clean healthy skin on a face. Girl facial treatment. Bouquet of roses and other flowers
  • The rejuvenated, tightened and glowing appearance is instantly noticeable.
  • The complexion of the skin is improved.
  • The length of downtime ranges from negligible to none.
  • No need for any type of surgical intervention (no anesthesia, needles, etc.)

4 Steps Utilized in Fotona4D® Treatment:



The first step of the procedure is performed inside a patient’s mouth. It is necessary for the laser to access the perioral region to perform the procedure from the inside out. This initial step reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the patient’s mouth and it also reduces the nasolabial lines (also known as laugh lines). This Fotana4D technology is proprietary so it cannot be replicated by other commercially available laser treatment procedures.



The second step targets more severe imperfections such as pigments and deep lines. It gives the skin a much more uniform complexion and makes the texture more youthful.



The third step of Fotona4D® laser treatment uses another laser that applies heat to skin safely and quickly thus tightening it and giving it a firmer and more lifted look. This technology has been patented which means that it can only be used by Fotona and other cosmetic lasers are not able to access it.



The fourth and final step of the Fotona4D® laser facelift treatment we offer in Atlanta involves a laser peel which deals with such minor imperfections as sun damage, various types of discoloration, and fine lines. The depth of the laser peel is adjustable and is determined based on the severity of the superficial damage. At the end of the treatment, the skin looks tighter, significantly more refreshed, and has a youthful glow.

Fotona4D® is a unique laser procedure that involves treatment from the inside of the oral cavity outward in addition to the superficial facial treatment. This approach enables the facial collagen to contract thus giving the face a tighter appearance without the use of injectable fillers.

Fotona4D® uses proprietary laser technology which utilizes two laser wavelengths and has four modes of treatment. This ensures a comprehensive, four-level approach to anti-aging treatment which targets all levels of the skin (superficial, medial, and deep) and deals with minor imperfections as well.