Laser NailLASE- Fungus Infection Treatment in Atlanta

Fungus infections on the nails can be both unsightly and embarrassing. Usually, infected nails become yellowish, thick, and hard to cut. In some instances, the condition can be painful and is especially difficult to treat.

Fortunately, the Fotona ClearSteps™ Onychomycosis Treatments is the newest FDA-approved nail fungus treatment that helps you regain healthy nails and feet in no time. The Fotona ClearSteps Laser Nail Fungus treatment uses the power of the Nd: YAG laser light to evenly heat the depth of the affected nail and skin tissue.

The heat, in turn, weakens and kills parasitic fungi within the patient's nails. It also stimulates the growth of healthy cells and effectively restores the affected nail to a new nail in no time. Unlike traditional nail fungus treatment, this laser nail fungus removal requires no medications and has no side effects (as in taking oral medication).

There is also no need for anesthesia or recovery time. Usually, patients need only four treatment sessions over four weeks to clear nails. In months after treatment, you will find your nails have improved, and by the 8th to 12th month, you should have an absolutely new nail. The Fotona Laser Nail Fungus Removal Treatment is a fast, easy, and painless way to get rid of nail fungus without using harmful medications.