Fotona NightLASE Atlanta- East Cobb

Snoring Elimination; Sleep Apnea Reduction

NightLase at ReGen Medical is a comfortable no downtime procedure to eliminate snoring and to reduce sleep apnea.

ReGen Medical in Atlanta brings to you the proprietary Fotona Nightlase snoring and sleep apnea treatment. With this cutting-edge solution, you can combat that incessant snoring that keeps preventing you or sleep parnter from getting a good night's sleep. The Fotona Nightlase is a non-surgical, no downtime laser treatment that is clinically tested and proven.

Fotona NightLASE treatment elminates snoring by using gentle laser treatment to heat tissues at the back of the throat, on the floor of the mouth and on the tongue to increase airway flow and decrease tissue turbulence. These treated areas bring about a tightening effect through collagen contraction in the oral mucosa tissue.  In turn, it expands the airways and eliminates the vibrations of the pharyngeal soft tissues to minimize snoring and sleep apnea. Our NightLASE treatment in Atlanta takes 20 minutes, with no downtime, and can provide instant results.  If you cannot tolerate oral appliances or CPAP machines, NightLASE may be a suitable option.

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