Many men deal with urinary issues that come along with aging. Whether it is getting up several times each night to use the bathroom, or having urgency and accidental “leakage” that comes from urinary urgency, they take a toll on a man’s quality of life and self-esteem. These symptoms are often attributed to an “enlarged prostate” and most often are treated with medications or even surgical procedures. Some men develop urinary and fecal incontinence after being treated for prostate cancer, often having to resort to wearing adult diapers.

Now, there is a noninvasive way to treat these symptoms. The “King’s Throne” at ReGenMan utilizes BTL’s Emsella medical chair device with a new proprietary protocol. The Emsella device is FDA approved for urinary incontinence in men and the new treatment protocol at ReGenMan helps men with urinary frequency, night time urination, and urine leakage issues by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Fecal incontinence can also be improved.  Added benefits include improvement in sexual function.

Kings Throne

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