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    What is Weight ReGenesis?

    Weight ReGenesis is a medical weight loss program exclusively available at ReGen Medical for patients that have gained weight as they've aged due to changes in their metabolism.  Using the latest and most effective treatments for weight loss, Weight ReGenesis is intended to deliver the safest and most effective weight loss in the shortest time possible. Unlike just using the medications listed below to suppress caloric intake, we also include metabolism boosters so that target weight is achieved more rapidly, but still safely.  Weight ReGenesis was developed by the treating physician who utilized all the same protocols for his own weight loss.

    What is Ozempic for Weight Loss?

    Ozempic is a class of medication called GLP-antagonist and is FDA approved for type 2 diabetes, but which can be used off label for weight loss with weekly subcutaneous self administered injections.  It is a peptide called semaglutide, but at a lower dosage than other semaglutide medications.

    What is Wegovy for Weight Loss?

    Wegovy is a class of medication called GLP-antagonist and is FDA approved for weight loss using weekly subcutaneous slef adminsitered injections. It is peptide called semaglutide, but at the currently highest dose of semaglutide medications.

    What is Mounjaro for Weight Loss?

    Mounjaro is a combination class of medication called GLP-antagonist and GIP antagonist and is FDA approved for Type 2 Diabetes and is being studies for weight loss using weekly subcutaneous self administered injections. It is peptide called tirzepatide, but unlike semaglutide medications, it works at two receptors to suppress appetite.

    How Does Weight ReGenesis Work?

    Using self-administered weekly subcutaneous injections, Weight ReGenesis at ReGen Medical uses semaglutide or tirzepatide as tolerated by patient, along with other medical weight loss medications for safe effective weight loss that can be maintained long term.

    How much weight can I lose with Weight ReGenesis?

    After the first month in which dosages of semaglutide or tirzepatide are gradually increased until therapeutic dosages are achieved with patient tolerance, patients can expect to lose on average of 2-2.5lbs and around 30lbs in 6 months.  Although there may be several plateaus with just using semaglutide or tirzepatide alone in the form of Ozebic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro, with the Weight ReGenesis program at ReGen Medical, those plateaus are shorter in duration and weight loss continues on a regular and sustained basis by simultaneously increasing metabolism while these peptides decrease caloric intake while suppressing appetite.

    The end result and benefit of our Weight ReGenesis program are being able to get to your goal weight in the shortest amount of time and more cost-effectively than just taking Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro alone.

    Who is a Good Candidate for Weight ReGenesis?

    Weight ReGenesis at ReGen Medical is well suited for patients who generally eat healthy with few bad eating or drinking habits, but who has found it difficult to lose weight without counting calories, carbs or giving up some of the foods they like, but would still like to lose weight safely and to be able to sustain that weight loss.

    How Weight ReGenesis is Different From Other Medical Weight Loss Treatments and from other clinics offering the same medications?

    Weight ReGenesis at ReGen Medical is different from just taking Ozempic/Wegovy/Mounjaro alone because its not about the medication but knowing how to increase the strength of the medications gradually, but offsetting any unwanted side effects and our semaglutide and tirzepatide treatments are combined with other treatments to increase metabolism and fat lipolysis for steady and sustained weight loss in the shortest time possible that works in the majority of patients.