Skin ReGenesis- Innovative Skin Tightening & Brightening

“I’m melting” as the reflection in my bathroom mirror brought back memories of a conversation with my Sister-In-Law discussing the joys of turning 50 when she said to me; “I call it the Candle Effect”. Laughing at the vision in my mind at the time unfortunately rings more true today. I have referenced that analogy numerous times garnering the same reaction during my patients consultations utilizing our highly sophisticated skin analysis machine that determines a patient’s “Tru Skin Age ”. Now in the throes of my 50’s the crepy, sagging skin has taken over my entire body. How do we reset time when it comes to the largest organ of our bodies; our skin? Collagen and elastin is the answer to the proverbial fountain of youth. Stimulating collagen and elastin production is the “Holy Grail” to any aesthetic treatment whether it be face or body. Why? Because collagen and elastin are the scaffolding of our skin formulating in the deep layer of the dermis. Collagen reduction begins in our late 20’s to early 30’s at 1% per year. In our late 40’s to perimenopause the reduction increases to 30% per year. Beyond menopause it’s like collagen took a nose dive over a cliff. Why Does Your Skin Age? – Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science

Here at ReGenMedical Aesthetics-Wellness our selectively chosen treatments are based on 3 fundamental criteria: (1) Innovative, state of the art, cutting-edge technology, (2) minimal to non-invasive, non-surgical laser facelift procedures, and (3) natural, fresh, youthful looking results.

Our Medical Director, Dr Stephen Jacob, MD applying these criteria developed our recently launched exclusive Skin ReGenesis Program.
The program was designed as three distinct categories customizable for each individual patient: Skin ReGenesis – GLOW – benefits patients looking for skin brightening, glowing skin specifically targeting hyperpigmentation.
Skin ReGenesis – FIRM – benefits patients looking for skin tightening, skin lifting as well as smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
Skin ReGenesis – COMPLETE – benefits patients wanting both the GLOW and FIRM results. (i.e. Someone like me – eager to reverse the “Melting Effect”). The Skin ReGenesis Program is an ideal nonsurgical facelift, neck tightening treatment that includes both the face and neck.

The science behind the program is based on combining neocollagenesis, advanced regenerative techniques with natural minimally-invasive skin tightening, lifting, smoothing and skin brightening non-surgical treatments addressing all skin types at any age targeting that sagging skin.

Blending these innovative therapies such as thermal energy (laser face lift) (Fotona 4D Laser), mechanical modalities – skin rejuvenation
(CIT – Microneedling) and topical solutions (PRX-T33, PRF) with medical grade growth factor and peptide home care products amplify and enhance results stimulating skin fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acids resetting the time clock to a more vibrant you.

These treatments are ideal for the sagging skin on the face and neck, hands, upper arms, thighs, buttock, and breast. Essentially any area of the face and/or body.

For more information or ready to schedule your consultation and complimentary skin analysis give us a call – 678-224-5334.
We are excited to ReGen the YOU in YOU!!

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