Using Fotona TightLase to treat cellulite

Using Fotona TightLase to treat cellulite

Cellulite is an undesirable skin condition that plagues millions of people worldwide, but it is especially problematic for women an estimated 90% of whom suffer from cellulite.

This condition is characterized by an uneven texture of the skin and most traditional methods of treating cellulite are ineffective making this one of the hardest skin-related issues to resolve.

Fortunately, Fotona TightLase is capable of dealing with this problem. Let’s dive deeper and see what causes cellulite exactly and how the Fotona TightLase can eliminate it.

Major causes of cellulite.

When the fat layer is pressed tightly against the skin it creates the bumpy appearance known as cellulite. The exact medical reason for the existence of cellulite has not been found yet. It is stipulated that it can occur due to a variety of factors such as hormonal changes, metabolic issues, unhealthy diet, or even genetic factors. It is wrongly assumed that this condition only affects women who are overweight. The fact is that even people who have a perfectly healthy BMI can get cellulite, as can men (although the proportion is significantly lower). The good news is that cellulite is a treatable condition.

Using Fotona TightLase to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is just one of the issues that can be resolved with Fotona TightLase. This dermatological procedure is highly effective in the fight against this condition and this is how it works.

To give the skin a smoother appearance we need to eliminate fatty tissues and encourage the growth of collagen. Fotona TightLase procedure is safe and it utilizes the laser light which passes through the patient’s skin. Upon colliding with the fat cells the laser light transforms into heat which destroys these cells. Once the fat cells are gone there is nothing to give your skin that unwanted bumpy look. And best of all, the entire procedure is performed superficially without any need for surgical intervention.

Is Fotona TightLase treatment the right procedure for you?

As a rule, Fotona TightLase is suitable for the vast majority of people. Even the patients who are not eligible for the traditional surgical cellulite treatment can undergo the non-invasive TightLase therapy.

However, all of us are unique so the only way to know for certain whether Fotona TightLase is the best way to resolve your cellulite problem is to contact us and book an appointment. After the face-to-face examination, our medical professionals will be able to determine the severity of your condition and create a comprehensive strategy to remove your cellulite.

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