Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: why more and more men are choosing it to treat erectile dysfunction.

One of the major causes preventing men and their partners from having healthy intimate relationships is erectile dysfunction. Today more and more men are choosing to undergo the Acoustic Wave Therapy to tackle this problem. This effective treatment option is offered to the residents of Atlanta, Georgia (and surrounding areas) by Regen Medical Clinic which specializes in treating sexual dysfunction in men.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction causes distress to millions of men worldwide, and this inability to maintain (or even achieve) an erection is a serious obstacle in their relationships. However, there is no reason for this disappointing condition to persist since modern non-invasive Acoustic Wave Therapy offers a highly effective way to overcome this problem.

Privacy is a pressing concern when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, and you can rest assured that the professionals at Regen Medical Clinic take this issue to heart and treats their patients with the respect they deserve.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

It is wrongly assumed that erectile dysfunction is only experienced by men who are older; although the condition is more prevalent among men of advanced age it can still afflict anyone, regardless of how old they are.

Some men simply accept erectile dysfunction as part of their life but thanks to the Acoustic Wave Therapy you do not have to. Thanks to this modern treatment option offered by Regen Medical Clinic can restore your sex life and maintain healthy sexual performance even in your golden years.

The primary cause of erectile dysfunction (which affects over half of the male population over the course of their lives) is an inadequate flow of blood to the genital area. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors. For instance, patients who have had a stroke or suffer from diabetes might have damaged nerves that cannot carry signals from the brain to the penis as well as they once could. Various chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or obesity may also cause sexual dysfunction. In addition, one of the major causes of ED is cardiovascular disease since hardened arteries obviously cannot properly supply the penis with blood.

Other than physical ailments various psychological disorders (such as excessive stress, severe anxiety, and depression) are also major contributors to ED.

The effectiveness of Acoustic Wave Therapy in treating erectile dysfunction.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a noninvasive procedure that makes use of low-intensity shockwaves in order to improve blood flow to the genital area. The procedure achieves that by strengthening and repairing the blood vessels that carry blood to your penis.

The low-intensity shockwave therapy stimulates cells by utilizing high-energy sound waves. Over time the walls of your blood vessels get covered with a plaque which impedes the flow of blood and, subsequently, hinders sexual performance. The LiSWT helps the body break down that plaque which alleviates the symptoms of ED. The procedure is performed by an experienced licensed physician and multiple researchers have concluded that the use of this technology does indeed cause a major improvement in males’ sexual performance.

The duration of the Acoustic Wave Therapy.

Each session of the Acoustic Wave Therapy lasts approximately 15 minutes. All patients need to undergo treatment once a week for six consecutive weeks to achieve favorable results.

The good news is that since the procedure is non-invasive and painless patients can return to their daily tasks as soon as they walk out of the treatment room. By comparison, other ED treatment procedures (such as vacuum pumping, penile injections, and over-the-counter pills) can cause pain in the genital area and include a substantial recovery period.

The results of the Acoustic Wave Therapy last for about a year, as for the cost of each treatment it can be anywhere between $290 and $450 (depending on the severity of the condition) and the results are noticed instantaneously by the vast majority of men.

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